I knew that when my daughter and son learned how to drive that it was going to be interesting to say the least. I was once a teenager, so I know what the mentality and mindset is of a teenager just learning how to drive. My daughter, I can see having about 15 of her friends crammed into my car, the music up to the level of ear bleeding, all of them dancing and singing at the top of their lungs.

My son, well…lol. I know he’d have about five of his friends with him. Like my daughter, the music is very loud, and I bet dollar to donut, he is going a little over the speed limit. That is, until an attractive girl is spotted. Then I know, and believe me, I KNOW, the music is turned down, while as the kids say today, she is “hollered” at.

What My Car Would Say to Me

If my car could talk to me, after dealing with those two, it would simply say, “Help me!” My poor car would ask me to tell my children to ease up, or as Otis Redding said, “Try a Little Tenderness.” There is nothing young people treasure most than freedom and not having a parent breathing down their neck. Believe me, when I am in the car with either of mine, it is just like they are back in driver’s education (my son’s exact words, not mine).

But I guess this is the situation of every parent worldwide. It is part of watching your child go from riding in a Barbie or GI Joe plastic car to a real one. I would hope that when my two calm down from being teenagers, and mature in their actions, including their driving, my car will tell me that everything is fine now. I would want my car to say, “Hey Dad…well done.”