Sanity… Something that seems to be ever more fleeting in this insane world. It can be hard to find a space to breath in the never ending hustle of life. Sometimes, when you spend most of your days in a cube, it can begin to feel like the walls are closing in around you. Then you remember what you do this for… to payoff the massive amount of debt you required to go to school so you would be able to get a job to pay off your debt… SHIT! This is insanity!!!

Traffic… an insane amount of stop and go traffic that slaps you in the face with the reality of being crammed in a rat race. The aggravation of speeding up just to stop and then thinking to yourself… “What is the cause of all this traffic?” SHIT! I should of  bought an automatic… my left leg is killing me! There is far to many cars on this one road… I need to open up my car on a wide open road.

The windows are down, the music is up and so are the RPM’s. I can finely breath again and in front of me is wide open space. The clutter of the city, along with the clutter in my mind, shrinks and vanishes like the view of the skyscrapers in my rear view mirror. As I open up the throttle and my surroundings a feeling of freedom washes over me like the wind coming in through the rolled down windows.

Taking a drive everyday is important for my overall sanity and reminds me of what my car can do outside of traffic. It also reminds me that I am free, born to move and not be tethered down. There are plenty of reasons to go on a daily drive but when you boil it all down it all comes back to preservation of sanity. When it feels like the walls are beginning to close in around and the weight of the rat race starts dragging you down, grab the keys, open up the throttle and move! And just for precautionary measures it is best to do it everyday.