grandfather mountain

The East Coast is full of scenic roads that are perfect for going fast and relaxing. Here are just a few of my favorite routes:

  1. Kennett Pike

Located along Highway 52 in Delaware, Kennett Pike is a short stretch throughout the wooded charm of a traditional American suburbia. With classic brick bridges, small hills, and colonial neighborhoods, driving through Kennett Pike is like transporting to a different time.

  1. Park Loop Road

While it takes a long time to get all the way up there, driving through Maine’s Park Loop Road in Acadia National Park is worth it. Park Loop Road is a long stretch of asphalt that guides you through the dense Acadia National Park. The best time to drive through this landmark is during the fall when the leaves have changed colors and are beginning to fall.

  1. Hawk’s Nest

Located in Port Jervis, New York, Hawk’s Nest is a 90 minute drive through a winding road. On one side, you’ll see massive rock formations. And on the other side, you’ll see breathtaking views of the Delaware River.

  1. Seven Mile Bridge

Although the Seven Mile Bridge is only a short stretch, it is one of the most scenic drives you will ever take. Regarded as one of the biggest bridges in the country, the Seven Mile Bridge is located in the Florida Keys. That being said, expect to experience breathtaking views of the vast sea from both sides of the bridge. The best time to drive through this bridge is during sunrise or sunset.

  1. Blue Ridge Parkway

Lastly, my ultimate favorite scenic route to drive is the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina. This long stretch of asphalt passes through the best part of Appalachia. While traveling through the winding roads, you’ll see gorgeous views of mountains and surrounding communities. If you really want to get the most out of this drive, commit to a multi-day road trip across the 470 mile road.