fast five cast

Even when I’m not driving, I’m thinking about driving. Seriously, most of the movies I watch involve cars or racing in some way. If you ever need someone to answer anything you need about car movie trivia, I’m your guy. Like anyone else, I definitely have a few favorite movies I love to watch. Here are five of my favorite movies about cars!

  1. Fast Five

You probably saw this movie coming. After all, how could I make a list of my favorite movies about cars and neglect to put a Fast and Furious movie on the list? Aside from the first movie, Fast Five is argumentatively the best movie in the series. Basically, this installment chronicles Vin Diesel’s character, Dominic, and the rest of his racing crew as they attempt to gain freedom from control of a drug lord from Brazil. While the racing scenes are amazing, the plotline is also interesting. Plus, I could never pass up a movie with Paul Walker.

  1. Taxi Driver

Okay, I know Taxi Driver isn’t exactly focused on cars and racing, but if you’ve seen the movie, you can acknowledge that the taxi car plays a pivotal role in Travis’ (Robert De Niro) life. After all, if Travis wasn’t a crazy late night taxi driver in Manhattan, then the movie wouldn’t be the classic that it is.

  1. Death Proof

Quentin Tarantino knows a thing or two about cars and terror. That’s why Death Proof is a movie that most car enthusiasts have seen. While the plot is disturbing, there’s no denying that the cars in Death Proof are one of a kind.

  1. Locke

Locke is one of those movies that just sticks with you. Basically, the film follows Ivan Locke who is seen driving to London throughout the entire film. But, the film isn’t about Locke’s drive to London. It’s about his entire life, and how it unraveled that night. With a few twists and turns, Locke will keep you at the edge of your seat.

  1. Cars

Okay, don’t hate me for this one. But, I’m a dad after all, and I can’t deny that Cars is a sweet and simplistic movie. My kids love—and I mean love – this movie. And if you can get down with a kid-friendly plot and animation, this is the perfect movie to expose your children to the wonderful world of cars.