I’m glad you found me.

I see life as one big adventure, and I’m always looking for new ways to get from point A to point B.

As you may have read on my About page, I love cars. But probably not for the reasons you think. I’m sure when you got here, you probably had some preconceived notions. You probably expected to see a website that sounds like it was built by Tim Allen. Sorry to disappoint you.

I’m just an average guy who like to drive, think and write. Being on the road gives me time to collect my thoughts, and when I return home to my normal, everyday life, I spend time writing them down for the rest of the world to read.

So if you’re here, it’s because you happened to stumble onto my big adventure. And I’m so glad you did. I hope you’ll return often.

‘Til next time… have fun cruisin’. I will.

As human beings we tend to always want to keep moving, to be in motion… we need it… we love it. It is something ingrained in us from birth. If you do not believe me just ask any parent and they will tell you that when their baby is fussy they get in the car and drive. The end of the drive will more often than not result in sleeping baby. This soothing feeling we get to constantly stay in motion does not go away as we get older. This is because deep down in our soul we know that once we stop moving we will die.

Even as we get older the need to keep moving remains with us. A lot of times when things go wrong in our lives, events that pull the rug out from under us and cause us to bump our heads on a large chunk of reality, we tend to drop everything and move. Sometimes this takes form in relocating where we live, work, or even hangout. The urge to keep moving can also be found in the change of appearance or purchase of new possessions in the effort to reinvent oneself. The purpose of all of what we do is to stay in constant motion because if we do not keep moving we will stop, we will wither, and we will die.

As a baby I was told that whenever I was upset a ride in the car would always calm me down. Til this day nothing has changed. When I feel the pressures of life really starting to get to me I get in my ride and I cruise, I turn up the tunes and I cruise! I remember reading Neil Peart’s book that was about the most difficult time in his life when the drummer from Rush lost his daughter, wife and dog within a short span of time. After this life altering and tragic span of events happened he dropped everything, got on his motorcycle and hit the road traveling from his residence in Canada to the west coast of the the US, to Mexico and then back to Canada. The legendary drummer referred to this as “taking his baby soul for a ride.” I really liked that terminology and now, when life gives me lemons, I pack those lemons up and take my sweet baby soul for a ride.

We as humans are all apart of this rat race scurrying about trying to survive and make a better life for ourselves. In order to do this we must always keep going, forever changing with the times. We begin to base our movements on changes in the market place constantly shifting and moving to keep the gears lubed up and turning as if we are individual cells of a large organism that all have designated roles in order to stay alive. Since the very first spark of creation, all things have been in motion and there are no signs of things slowing down anytime soon. And for our sake… let’s hope that is true.

What is in motion stays in motion.